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Solutions for Laptop Overheating

Laptop overheating solutions

Is your laptop overheating?

Apply the following methods to avoid laptop overheating.

Many laptops overheat because the fan on the bottom is blocked, and the hard drive then quickly fails. In laptops, the cooling is normally performed by a fan and some kind of metal conductor like copper or aluminium called a heat sink. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) are connected to the metal heat sink by thermal grease. This grease generates heat but not electricity.Here we discuss the solution of laptop overheating.

In this article, we will describe the reasons for overheating and methods that can prevent or fix an overheating laptop by enhancing the performance and extending the lifespan of your laptop.

Why Your Laptop Is Overheating?

There are three major reasons why laptops have more of an overheating problem than desktops.
-> Laptops are smaller than desktop so that those electronic components are crammed in there more tightly in laptops. Because of which there is not much room for the heat to dissipate in laptops.

-> Laptops has more powerful processors.So it requires more processing power to run, hence more heat is generated inside the laptop’s case.

Fans, heat sinks and air vents help to cool down a laptop while it’s running. But sometimes, it’s just not enough. Overheating can happen when a fan isn’t working properly or there’s some other malfunction. However, sometimes it is caused by the user’s fault than the machines’.

Lastly, the main reason for overheating of the laptop is the accumulation of dust inside the laptop.


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Author: Sujan Shrestha

I am a Tech lover and blogger currently studying IT. I love to read and write tech blogs.

Sujan Shrestha
I am a Tech lover and blogger currently studying IT. I love to read and write tech blogs.

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